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Some Other Label (SOL), a dynamic and innovative creative platform that transcends traditional boundaries of gender and form. SOL is fluid, mutable, and adaptable, embodying a new wave of artistic expression and talent recognition. SOL began its journey as a global scout for creative talent, showcasing visionary designers and artists from around the world. Our platform proudly showcases a diver se array of talent, including:

  • Reema Al Banna, the visionary behind the Iranian womenswear brand Reemami
  • Lezanne Viviers, the creative force of the South African womenswear brand Viviers
  • Vincenzo Palazzo, the innovative designer of the Milan-based label Vien
  • Pierre-Louis Mascia, the mastermind behind the fashion brand Pierre Louis Mascia
  • Eugenia Güeto Gómez, the multi-disciplinary artist from Oeh Studio

As we continue to grow, SOL is evolving to meet the needs of the modern reader. Recognizing the shift towards short, visual content, we are transforming our platform to provide quick, engaging visual aids that captivate and inspire. Our goal is to present creativity in its most immediate and impactful form.

SOL is deeply committed to nurturing and promoting emerging talent, particularly from underrepresented regions like South Africa. Our initiatives aim to highlight the incredible talent found in these areas.

More than just a creative platform, SOL is a movement that celebrates and elevates talent without boundaries. At Some Other Label, we believe in the transformative power of creative collaboration to foster growth and development.


Samkelo Boyde Xaba


South African contemporary luxury clothing brand

Pitti Immagine


Pitti Uomo 104 Guest Nation Designer

Italian Embassy South Africa

Fashion Bridges

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana / Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana / South African Fashion Week / Polimoda Firenze / Lineapelle / Nelson Mandela Forum

Business Day South Afrca

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